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Recent surveys carried out by the Patient Group

Waiting area real time survey (Feb/March 2018)

Appointments system survey monkey survey (Jan-March 2019)

Waiting room equipment & online services Survey October 2019


Annual Report

November 2020 – October 2022

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) comprises of patient volunteers, the Practice Manager and Assistant Practice Manager. Their primary aim is to establish a partnership between patients, doctors and staff of Haldon House Surgery to enhance the services provided by the Practice.


In accordance with their Terms of Reference the PPG meet in the surgery formally six times a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that formal face to face meetings were not possible for most of the year. However four virtual meetings took place and the July and September meetings were held in the surgery. During the year, the Chairman atteneded the surgery or took part in virtual or telephone discussions  to progress the work of the PPG and the surgery.

The annual review of the Terms of Reference took place in November 2020. This continues to be the working document of the group.

The Practice Manager, Christine Ladbrook represent the Practice on the PPG with the Partners attending meetings as and when required.


The monies raised from fund raising events and the library are used to purchase equipment for the practice. They are held in the surgery accounts as a separate item and an update is given at each meeting by the Practice Manager.


One of the PPG’s objectives is to raise money through fundraising for medical equipment or other facilities to enhance the Practice. The main fundraising activity is the Christmas Draw supported by the patient library and donations. This has raised over £12500 since November 2010 for the benefit of the patients of Haldon House Surgery.

The Christmas Draw which is normally the main fund raising event did not take place this year due to  the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hoped to hold the draw this year with tiickets on sale in the surgery from November 22nd. Since March 2020 the PPG has received no donations from the sale of books or the box on the reception desk.

Support for the Practice

PPG members support and provide feedback to the Practice on patient issues. They would normally  provide support for the annual Flu Clinics. This year due to the pandemic the  normal Saturday flu clinics in the surgery have been restricted to one Under 65.  

PPG members have provided support for the surgery with the Covid Booster Vaccinnations by contacting patients who require manual booking for an apppointment. They also volunteered to help in October and November at the Covid Booster Vaccination Clinics held at the LED Leisure Centre.

Throughout the year they have been advised about and consulted on a number of issues including staff changes, the surgery in general, doctors hours /opening hours, the appointment system and the action required as a result of patient surveys.

They have been regularly updated on the surgery’s COVID-19 ‘Unlocking’ Plan a 5 tier alert system for the day to day operation of the surgery during the pandemic.

PPG members continue to be briefed about the new WEB Primary Care Network and how it operates for the benefit of the surgery and patients.

PPG members are very pleased that the use of social media has raised the profile of the surgery. Communication with patients using social media during the pandemic has been particularly useful.

The Group is fortunate that one of its members, Gerry Bassett is also Chairman of Exmouth in Bloom and although this year there are no hanging baskets due to the pandemic she has ensured that the front garden is well maintained to provide the practice with a welcoming appearance. A new initiative by Exmouth in Bloom of display flags saw two hanging at the front of the surgery with one displaying the NHS logo.

Health Awareness

The PPG support the health awareness, prevention and education intiatives that the surgery carry out throughout the year in the surgery and through social media.

Patient Surveys

Surveys of patient opinion of Haldon House Surgery and its services remain an important activity of the PPG. It has not been possible to carry out surveys during the pandemic, but one is planned for early 2022.

WEB (Woodbury,Exmouth & Budleigh) Locality

Throughout the year, the PPG has actively supported the engagement and consultation work undertaken by NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, WEB Primary Care Network (PCN) and the WEB Community Health & Wellbeing Board on the future development of integrated health and social care services.


This has been another unprecidented and very challenging year for the surgery and the PPG. Since March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the surgery operates and how patients communicate and visit it. The communication between the surgery and PPG members particularly during the pandemic has been very informative and much appreciated. The PPG has an excellent relationship with the practice which has ensured the success of our key objective of establishing a good dialogue between patients, doctors and staff to improve the quality of service provided and help shape the future of the practice.

My thanks to the PPG Committee, the staff of Haldon House and those patients that provide support for the work of the group particularly in its fundraising activities.

David M Bassett


17th November 2021


Equipment Purchased Through Fundraising

The Patient Participation Group reformed in November 2010 with one of its objectives to raise money through fundraising for medical equipment or other facilities to improve the practice.

 The annual Christmas Draw provides the majority of income, with other income coming from the the patients library and donations from patients.

 £9000 of items of equipment have been purchased since November 2010 to benefit patients and are:

January 2012 Welch Allyn 24 hour Blood Pressure Machine £1530
January 2012 Pioneer DVD Player for the Reception £139
January 2013 Medisafe ECG Machine £1631
January 2014 Phlebotomy Chair £700
July 2014 Donation to the Reception Touchscreen £300
January 2015 Cardio Call £900
January 2015 Minor Ops Trolley £200
December 2015 Centrifuge (funds donated by Miss E Walters) £1100
December 2016 Patient Information System £2500
December 2017 3 Mobile Heart Monitors + Minor Operation Cautery Equipment £687
February 2019 Blood Pressure Machine for the Waiting Room (including patient donations) £1350 


BP Machine

Pictured here is David Bassett, PPG Chairman using our new Blood Pressure monitor

A new piece of equipment, a freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitor is now in place in the surgery reception for use by patients. The monitor which was recently presented to the surgery by the Patient Participation Group was funded from the Christmas Draw, the sale of books and a donation from two patients. The blood pressure machine is simple to use with easy to follow instructions and will help patients monitor their own health.



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Terms of Reference for PPG


The Patient Participation Group comprises patient volunteers and the Practice Manager and/or the Assistant Practice Manager. The aim of the Group is to establish a partnership between patients, doctors and the staff of Haldon House Surgery to enhance the services provided by the Practice.


  • Establish a dialogue between the patients, doctors and staff to improve the quality of service provided and help shape the future policies of the practice.
  • Set up and maintain a Patient Reference Group (PRG)
  • Be involved in the construction, mailing and analysis of patient surveys
  • Act as a ‘safety valve’ for dealing with issues and complaints about the practice – representing patients but also helping them to understand the practice’s point of view.
  • Help with patient clinics from time to time – e.g. flu vaccinations / BP clinics.
  • Help with organising Patient Health Events to promote good health and preventive medicine.
  • Fundraising for medical equipment or other facilities to improve the practice.
  • Maintain the patient library
  • Liaise with other Patient Participation Groups to monitor and influence healthcare locally and nationally.



Membership of the Patient Participation Group is open to all registered patients of Haldon House Surgery.



The Patient Participation Group shall be governed by a committee comprising not less than six and no more than ten patient volunteers and the Practice Manager. The Practice Partners will be ex-officio members of the committee.  A Chairman and Secretary shall be elected from the patient volunteers at the Annual General Meeting.  The committee will meet bimonthly and will be quorate if one officer, the Practice Manager or their representative, and three patient volunteers are present.


Attendance at Meetings

Failure to attend three consecutive meetings without due reason shall render membership of the committee void.


Annual General Meeting

This will be held not later than the 30th November and will be open to all patients.  The meeting will be advertised as widely as practicable at least 3 weeks before this date.  The following will be considered:

  • an annual report from the Committee, a financial statement and such other information as the Committee deem desirable.
  • the election of the Officers and Committee for the following year.



The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually.

D M Bassett


Reviewed November 2021


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Patient Participation Group

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Members Mike Wheeler

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Michael Clarke 

Practice Manager Christine Ladbrook

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